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PORG Gymnázium a Základní škola


Heriot PORG Debate Summery

Topic: Ideal School

Date: 14 October 2016

Location: PORG Libeň, Prague, the Czech Republic

 15- group

No homework, tests are no problem, wearing uniforms, lots of subjects to choose from, balance diet and wide choice of dishes, school from 9 to 3, more clubs, more talking during lessons, fewer tests, more sport, interesting teachers, a short distance from home, slightly longer lessons, more activities, e.g. concerts, advanced syllabus, bigger classrooms,

school in a skyscraper with ten lifts, free food, located in the centre, 500 students, 25 teachers, skate park, swimming pool, plants on the roof, one floor for each subject  

no uniforms, mobiles allowed in classrooms

16+ group

small class sizes, 15 – 20 students, modern languages starting as early as possible, more options in higher grades, individual approach, more debates, reasonable discipline, ability to appeal decisions with teachers, more money for teachers

variety of subjects, more clubs, about 500 students, no uniforms, teachers respecting students

iPads and laptops for free, begin at the same time every day, access to tea and coffee, more arts

high teacher to student ration, teachers being less formal, start school at 5 or 6 years of age

modular exams, not much of exam strategy, flexible parking scheme, teachers, remove traditional teacher's "motherly" image, pay for teachers high enough to be drawn from professional fields, focusing on transition to university

more arts, students making their own timetable