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20. 11. 2008



                Who will be next Prague mayor?

Mariana Machatova

In Czech Republic there are two strong political parties OSD, ČSSD. They are now fighting who will make new goverment and who will be the next prime ministr. There will also be elections to the senate and to regional authority very soon. Although we haven‘t got a goverment, because the political party, which won in the goverment elections haven’t made up the goverment, we don‘t know who will be our next mayor.

                I am intrested in Prague’s resultes of elections, because I live there and I want to know what will happen. Last mayor was from ODS and his name is Pavel Bem. I think that he did a good job and Prague needs him. But running against him is a candidate Petra Buzková, very popular Czech politician from ČSSD. She has been the Minister of Education for many years. In spite of she said, that she will leave high policy (her place of Minister of Education and other places in top policy) she candidate in the place of new Prague mayor.

                She was on holidays, but one of her collagues called her a candidate in the place of Prague mayor and she accepteted.

                Polimetricians said that she can‘t win the elections but she can improve high of their political power in Prague, because ČSSD hadn‘t won in Prague in the time we have had a democratic society. And of course she can improve the number of members in the Board of representatives in Prague.

                I asked a lot of people about their opinions of this situation. All of them prefer Pavel Bem, because he was good and he did a lot of important things for Prague and for Prague inhabitants. There was just one opinion which prefers Petra Buzkova, because she is a women and she looks like she wouldn‘t take bribes. But the majority had a truth, because electiones won political party of Pavel Bem, ODS. And they will safely nominate Pavel Bem in the place of Prague mayor.




Interview with Mr. Mulin

Martin Váňa


Note:      The answers could be inaccurate due to the manner of how this interview was made.

                I apologize for appropriate incorrectness.

                I originally planned to do this as interviews are usually done. But I met Mr. Mullin as we both were going back from lunch at Korab and we agreed that interview in regular talk form won’t do any harm. What’s the difference between Miami and Prague, what things are in Miami and aren’t in Prague? ANS: The thing is the Miami’s much bigger than Prague, and people live there spread in a large area. Miami, in Florida, really takes in huge areas around the centre city. This  agglomeration lies by sea-shore in length of seventy-five miles. One town merges into another. It’s no surprise Prague seems smaller now. Also Miami’s very cosmopolitan because people from dozens of countries move to Miami and live here. It’s one of the centres of migration to US. If our city accepts any foreigner to live there, he’s a lucky one. How does differ PORG from school you taught on? ANS: It was a public school but like PORG it has an entrance exam. On PORG gets one of four? Similar number of students gets into my former school. Then as we went out of the park we saw Mr. Klaus approaching. Looked like Mr. Mullin gets on well with Mr. Klaus. Last comment in the interview was: He’s a good boss.   Damn right.


What to do after school leaving exams?

Anežka Fialová


The new school year has begun, which means that students from the new Oktava class have begun to prepare themselves for their school leaving exams. All the students know that everyone has to reach this exam of maturity but they wonder anyway when they discover that this year it is all upon them. What is it like to be in the last grade of a high school? And how is deciding what to do after? Those questions will answer our Oktava students especially for you who do not have such an experience yet or who have already forgotten it.


“The worst of it is, that everyone is used to the classmates, teachers and working style
at high school. After all it is logical after eight years at the same school or so. We don’t have any idea what is it like to be a college student or worse someone who’s really working somewhere,” describes her position one of the Oktava students. Others are nodding their heads and they agree that there is no one who is looking forward to leaving the school. (Maybe
it is caused by presence of final exams, because graduation is the condition of pursuing another education.) “Everyone is kind of nervous, even those who have already started
to prepare themselves,” says another Oktava student.

                Concerning their future plans, the graduating students have chosen a responsible attitude. Nearly everybody has a concrete idea about the subject he or she would like to study.

“I am going to study medicine, because I’ve always wanted to be a doctor,” says one. However for some of them the decision making wasn’t so easy. “I’m still not sure about
my future study, I have some ideas but I don’t know whether they are right for me,”
says Alena V. The Oktava students think that the school should be more helpful, concerning the choice of higher education. “We don’t have much access to information about universities and concrete subjects that we could possibly go for. One have to find the information alone, which obviously take plenty of time, which we would more likely need for studying,” agrees Lenka T.


A few questions for Mr. Tatíček

Jan Kodad

Before I had thougt that Mr. Tatíček is one of teachers who were taeching at PORG just when it started. But he told me that is was not exactly the truth, he came here in the second year of its being, that was in nineteen ninety-one. By the way, before, the school had been in the next building, but it moved here.

                The PORG in early ninetees was mostly it is the same, it is still a good atmosphere here, relations between students and teachers are above standart. Now, the amenities are better than before, contrary to most people Mr. Tatíček likes how the first floor was reconstructed. He also thinks that the way that Mr. Klaus leads the school is very good.

                We know that Mr. Tatíček left the school after few years of teching here. He says, that first, headmaster Mr. Štefl, the founder of this school had to leave and then it appeared that this school will become completely different or it was going to be closed,  he  didn´t like it here any more...

                After, he was teaching at high school J. Nerudy in Hellichova st. he was also a editor of Respekt, he says that it was a good experience for him, to see how is a magazine or newspaper being made.

                Before he came here, back to PORG, he thought that he would teach at another high school, there was already an empty place for him, but the PORG headmaster asked him, if he won´t like to turn back to this school. And he prefered this school.





MidEast Conflict

Hanaa Touficova


-12th July 2006- Hezbollah fired Katyusha rockets at Israeli military positions and  captured two Israeli soldiers which crossed the border and entered  Lebanese land. The   Israeli response was the massive air attack and artillery fire on Lebanese civilian infrastructure. Israel declared   this catastrophic incident that Hezbollah was using air naval blockade and ground invasion of southern Lebanon, so they considered it a defense. The Hezbollah reaction was to launch rockets into northern Israel and got involved in war with the Israel Defense Forces as hard as they could.

                The fight killed over 1,187 Lebanese civilians and 44 Israeli civilians, comparing the two numbers of death it seems to me a little controversial. Nearly   one third of the Lebanese civilian victims were children under 13 years of age.

Also Lebanon sustained the biggest economic loss; more than 35,000 homes and businesses were destroyed, as well as a quarter of country’s bridges and roads were ruined. The statistics had showed that the total economic loss was more than 15 billion dollars; however Israel attacked mostly buildings and infrastructure.

Additionally Lebanon suffered a big environmental loss, because the Israeli Air Force bombed gallons of oil, which had been discharged into Mediterranean Sea. Also they caused natural damage, destroying forests.

                Here are two interviews with completely different people. One of them is a Lebanese citizen, actually one of my relatives, who during the conflict lost his home. He is a man, 36 years old, married, with four children. During the war he was abroad, due to work related reasons.

                 - What do you think about Israel- Lebanon   conflict?

                -I think that there were big losses from both sides. Also Israel abused the capture of two Israeli soldiers as an excuse for starting the war.

-What do you think about the capturing of two Israeli soldiers? Do you think that Hezbollah had the right to do that?

-Well, in my opinion Lebanon has a right to protect its country, whereas two soldiers were kidnapped on the Lebanese land, so it implies that Israel had planned to start the war before Hezbollah had attacked.

- Do you think that the internal conflict between both countries has ended yet? Do you think that it will repeat?

-  I’m sure that it hasn’t ended, because Israel will never get satisfaction from the presence of Hezbollah, and also I think that the main aim of Israeli policy is to take the control of the whole Lebanon as same as America did in Iraq.  Considering the purposeful attack on the civilians, concretely the mothers and children, I think that the Israel aim is to cause the extinction of Arabs world.



The second interview is with Mr. Michal   Arnot, professor of history and geography, the class teacher of kvarta.

-What do you think about Israel- Lebanon conflict?

 Indefinitely, I’m not on either side. Of course, I have more sympathy for the position of Israel, because I think that Israel has the right to defend and protect their country. In contrast to Hezbollah, which takes a very radical strategy, Israel   is the state of democracy, where the politicians act and argue in the interest of their country.

-          On which side are you?

-I’m on the side of Israel, whereas I feel pity for Lebanese citizens.

- Do you think that this conflict has ended yet?

Of course not, the problem is that Lebanon can’t control its territory. A lot of the Lebanese population stands by Hezbollah. Hezbollah seems to me more powerful than the Lebanese government

From both interviews you can see the different opinions. The reason is that the world publishes different news. So people in Europe or in America do not receive the same news like the people in the Arabic world.

Despite the fact, this conflict  was very offensive since both sides suffered a  defeat. There were reported hundreds of victims, and they suffered from destruction of the infrastructure. It’s time to wait and to hope that it will not repeat soon, that both countries will live in a peace.




Concert of Madonna: Just controversial or a great music experience?

By Jana Horakova


Madonna’s concert in Prague took place at the Sazka arena on 6th and 7th September. A record 18 000 fans were present on each concert. Her Confessions Tour gave rise to protests of various churches around the world, but was it really worth seeing?


After one hour of waiting Madonna finally came on stage out of a flashy disco cube dressed as a horse rider and accompanied with “horse” dancers. The background stage screens were showing images to the songs - this time black horses.

The first impression of my sister was: “Wow, that’s weird!” and I had the same thought on my mind during the whole concert. On the one hand the stage dancers and stage preparation were fantastic, on the other hand Madonna was standing out with her average voice.

When the song “Live to tell” started, the controversial crucifix came up with Madonna on it. As opposed to the reaction to “Like a virgin” I saw several people walking away. My mother said after the concert that the whole scene with the crucifix was just absurd.

It wasn’t the only moment I had the feeling I was in a wrong place. The new songs from her album “Confessions on the dance floor” were mostly dry except the radio hit “Hung up” on the end of the concert.

Although Madonna didn’t surprise anybody with her choice of songs, it was a breath-taking experience especially because of its controversy.


World press photo 2006

By Eliska Svobodova


              The World press photo is run as an independent non-profit organization with its office in Amsterdam where it was founded in 1955. It is known for organizing the largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest. After the contest, the prizewinning photographs are assembled into a traveling exhibition that is visited by over two million people in 45 countries, since 1990 including Prague, Czech Republic.

               I had visited this exhibition last year for the first time and so I was looking forward to the end of September to see it again. It was on a Saturday morning, when I decided to take a walk in the centre of Prague ending in Karolinum where the exhibition took place.  When I was approaching Old Town Square, I could already see the groupwaiting in front of the building of Karolinum. All age groups were represented there. I went on the end of the queue with my friend and we were enjoying the air full of anticipation. When we got the tickets at last and came in we didn’t regret neither the money nor the time spent in the queue. I was shocked by the terror and the desesperate expressions in the faces of the sad heroes from the photos showing the devastation of hurricane Catharina, the floods in Romania, the earthquake in Kashmir, the terrorist attack in London subway….all this was caught by the photographers during last twelve month and there was emotion in every single picture. Terror full beauty and hopeless grace, the eyes of people were saying all. The best is to show the winning picture, the words are for nothing, you must just go and see it…

                  So be ready for September 2007 to get a fix of emotion! 


Discover Prague!

How to find out Prague in a few days?

By Magda Hlaváčková


When you want to know some city well, you have to see it from many views, you need to stay there at least three weeks and you definitely should visit and know places, which tourists don’t usually visit but which are important for local people. It is also very important to find out about local culture and culture which local people like to understand them better.

                For this reason I decided to write this little guide (not just for tourists and backpackers) which may help you discover Prague’s culture and finding out interesting places there.      

                Young people in Prague like going to cinemas, galleries, concerts or theaters. Some people like multiplex cinemas which are very comfortable but I prefer art cinemas which are very original and nice. You can also see great old films, the atmosphere is very friendly and the cinema is usually has café. You can buy a juice or a beer and take it with you in to the cinema. You can visit for example Aero, Oko or Ponrepo which are the most popular among my friends.           

                Among theaters a lot of young people like Divadlo v Dlouhé, theatre Archa or Divadlo v Celetné where you almost always find some good performances. Over the summer you should visit Shakespear´s festival in the Prague castle. Little children love Minor theatre near Wenceslas square. Alternative performance you can see in NoD- ROXY or in theatre Alfred ve dvoře. In these theaters there are sometimes also good concerts (especially in NoD in Dlouhá Street).

                If you would like to visit some gallery ask someone in the street or visit www.pis.cz (where you can always find some new cultural tips) because it change often. Surely you should also visit some café near the Vltava.     

                I hope I helped you to find interesting things in Prague, but you still should visit a website or ask some people here to get actual information. Good luck in traveling!

Feel Blue

By: Linda Cihlarova


 Do you like weightless moving in crystal clear water? So try the La Femme gallery! The gallery, situated a few minutes from Old Town Square, was opened in 2000 and quickly became very popular for the original way of assigning tasks to artists. The owner of La Femme assigns an artists working for the gallery (over one hundred and fifty contemporary artists) homework. That means some theme the artist has to observe in his work. In this manner varied thematic expositions are arising, however always connected in devotion to woman as an eternal source of inspiration and a fascinating object of an artistic creation (that´s why is the gallery named La Femme – the woman in French).

These days is in motion exposition of homeworks (ninth homeworks in order) with theme ″I Enjoy This World With Water Around″ in presence of an amazing fifty czech painters and sculptors.

   Gallery La Femme always offers an enjoyable and varicoloured spectacle to anyone who is in the mood to see some contemporary Czech modern art art with a spirit of originality. This time in the tranquil and blue temper of water.


Cursed poets Psí vojáci

Valérie Vitoušová


On Thursday 28 th.of September the group Psí vojáci had a concert in Prague’s club Vagon. I heard their concerts at our sojourn in Italy and I liked them, so I sallied for there.

There concert should have start at 9:00 PM, but at this time the adman and singer Filip Topol was drinking the ‘’vanilla custard’’ how he called the cognac by the bar. So the concert started at half hour later. But it was amazing again: Psí vojáci played in basic arragement - the pianist and singer Filip Topol, the drummer David Skála and the bass-guitarist Luděk Horký.

The atmosphere of this concert was much better than in Italy, even if the group played in principle the same songs as they did in Italy. It was probably by the guests who visited the concert: in Italy everyone was sitting, drinking his beer and listening quietly. But here, in Vagon was the parquet in front of the stage full and everyone enjoyed the music.

Mostly the songs were the old ones and majority of them are at the album ‘’Národ Psích vojáků’’. The hits as ‘’Sbohem a řetěz’’ and ‘’I’m lucky” couldn’t be missed and it this moments the atmosphere in the club was almost ecstatic.

But the concert had a one BIG problem: the sound-engineer. The piano and singins was hardly audible and Topol discontinued twice the song ‘’Krasobruslař” after several times and said to the audience:

’’It’s impossible!!! The figure-skater already slumped!”

During the break I talked with one guest about the lyrics, which are-together with charsima of Topol-the most powerful weapon of the group. We resolved that the texts are beautiful but really depressing at the same time. He had one interesting  finding: “His texts are really strange. Quasi Baudelaires Flowers of evil.” I must to agree…Topol is Cursed poet of nowadays.




Swimming in P. E. instead of athletics

By Anna Budinska


Are you interested in swimming? That’s a bad question. Are you interested in early-morning swimming? I doubt it. But after a month of early-morning swimming, the students of Kvinta from PORG enjoy it. Incredible!

Students from PORG swim at Hotel Olšanka every Wednesday morning. Half of them go at 7:30 and the rest of the class at 8:30. They take turns every week.

This year’s quinta looks like a very lazy class but their attendance has been perfect. „It wakes me up,“ says Katka. „Yes, the water is very cold,“ adds Šeba. The water temperature in the swimming pool is 78,80°F.

The first thing students have to do well is the breast stroke. Then front crawl and the backstroke. In the end they will try the butterfly stroke.

When students come, they have to deposit 100 crowns for the key of clockroom. Then they go to the bathroom and take a hot shower. Then they must jump into the cold water.

Early-morning swimming is positive in every way and if you want to try it, just go to PORG.


Extreme sports

Ondřej Broukal

It is a little bit difficult to say, what extreme sports really are, because nowhere is it written which sport is extreme and which is “normal”.

                But if you want to specify which sports are extreme you can use these specifications. The first thing which leads to specify the sport as an extreme one can be the extreme high, high speed or danger or magnificent acrobatic elements. The next thing, which is known by the public is that the “performing extreme sports increases the level of adrenalin in the blood” but it can sometimes be wrong, because the final feeling after making something extreme can be caused by hormones endorphin or serotonin also.

                Rather problematic is the question of marketing because of the influence of marketing on a public opinion on a sport. For example snowboarding. Snowboarding is often marked as an extreme sport but the skiing isn’t. Is it really true that snowboarding is more extreme than skiing? In the beginning snowboarding was brought in as an extreme and very dangerous sport but the skiing can be also dangerous and what more – for example American football is more dangerous than these two sports but it is never rated as the extreme sport.

                The phrase extreme sports became more famous thanks to the X Games. Then the media realized that extreme sports are on ascendant and started to make the commercials based on the topic of extreme sports.

                Adversaries of extreme sports often use the argument that the people who practice extreme sports are “addict on adrenalin.” It embarrassed them that in extreme sports the point is not to win and that people who practice extreme sports are maniacs with suicidal tendencies.

                And they are right. But there is nothing wrong with it. The suicidal tendencies are caused by the dangerousness of sports but nobody wants to commit suicide. The opinion that the extreme sports aren’t about winning is also right because most of extreme sportsmen say that they do it because of themselves, to improve their physical and mental opportunities. Also they often say that the extreme sports are the way how to escape from a stereotype.

                And at the end would be mentioned a few kinds of less known extreme sports. Base-jumping is similar to paragliding but the parachutist jumps from a cliff or statue or tower instead from a plane. Kite surfing or kite boarding are the sports where the sportsman is on a board (in a case of surfing on water and in case of boarding on a ground) pulled by parachute. Noodling is a special type of fishing. In this case of fishing the prey is catfish. The fisherman finds the right place and the he offers his hand to the catfish as a decoy, the fish bites into the arm (in a extreme cases the swallow the arm so far the shoulder). This kind of fishing is in most countries forbidden. Parkour or Free running is a special kind of activity. It can’t be marked as a sport because these activities are about getting yourself across every obstruction which gets into your way (a fence, a wall, a car, a house), jumping from a roof to the roof. Slamball is a new kind of a sport. It was first played in 2002. It is a special kind of basketball. In the contrary to basketball slamball teams play by four.  And big difference is that under the baskets are four trampolines.

                Extreme sports became common things of a present world for many people and many companies which use extreme sports for making advertisements.


By Alena Vytisková

During school in nature of PORG, three sport events between students and professors taked place. They competed in football, basketball and volleyball. In every case the professors won, but the forces of the teams were pretty equal.

As professor Přibík said, there was probably no match in basketball between students and professors before: „At the school in nature in Střelské Hoštice in 1999, we were playing basketball, but there were only a few students so we made mixed teams.“ Professor Přibík plays basketball competitively, so he was really excited. „I’m glad that there are more and more students who do sports.“ he added.

But football is played at least once a year – before the summer holidays. Mr. Přibík plays regularly so he’s taking it easy: „but I understand that it’s maybe a little bit unusual for students.“ But in fact students see it differently. One of PORG’s ex-students said it’s a great experience to stand face to face to proffesors on the pitch. „But somebody’s taking it also as a kind of satisfaction to foul the hated professor.“

Professor Přibík does not like football matches much. He thinks that some of his colleagues take the football more prestigiously than the other sports. So it debase the atmosphere a bit.

For the match in volleyball professors were asked by oktava students to play. They changed periodically. Surprisingly, the skills of most players weren’t anything special. Also the number of fans was not high. It seems volleyball is not one of the favorite sports at PORG. „Volleyball does not fit me much. I miss a bigger physical load in it,“ professor Přibík added.

It’s a good entertainment. It does not matter if players do it for their own pleasure or because they want to get to know each other in different situations. It’s fun as long as they are not competing just to be the best.


Unicycling starts in Czech Republic

Honza Rudolf


Somebody says unicycling is foolish others say that it is incredible and amazing. Unicycling is a new and a bit controversial extreme sport in Czech Republic in fact unknown unlike Western Europe.


“People think unicycling must be connected with a circus or juggling. We want to show them it is same as skateboarding or inline skating,” said Radek Balvín a Prague unicycler. The first Czech unicycle competition took place a year ago but more and more people are starting with unicycling. “We find every two weeks one new unicycler in the capital city,” adds Radek.


“You must be just patient when you are learning how to ride an unicycle. It takes approximately 6 hours to ride 50 meters. It is easier than it looks,” explains Jan Vodička who is our unofficial third best rider in trial (trial is a discipline in which is contestant trying to get across obstacles).


If unicycling takes root in Czech Republic is the question, nevertheless most people are scared just when they see an unicycle.                                                                                              



People with(out) dreadlocks

By Oskar Placak


The roots of dreadlocks are connected with the old cultures of the Rastafarians but today it´s a worldwide enlarged fashion. Unfortunately, I can´t stand people with dreadlocks who don´t feel anything and who have it just for the lust to be in vogue, especially girls from small villages who think they´re cool, clever and beautiful. In that case I always try to lampoon them and prove they are just normal girls with treated hair. But anyway, I respect all polite people with dreadlocks.


I´ve prepared two interviews with my classmates Šimon and Honza and both have dreadlocks. Šimon has had them for four years but Honza is quite a greenhorn because the dreadlocks are covering his head just from the end of past August.


1) Do you feel heavier when you are wet?

Šimon: Yeah, of course. The weight of dreadlocks is redoubled when you´re wet.

Honza: I have no idea. I haven´t washed up my dreadlocks yet ( 6th October).


2) Have you been attacked by some skinheads or similar extreme guys?

Šimon: Yeah, I have been assaulted many times (his eyes are full of hatred and revenge).

Honza: Fortunately, I haven´t.


3) How many dreadlocks do you have, guys?

Šimon: Actually it´s about 90.

Honza: Well, the number is above 100.


That´s all. Good luck and thanks for your time and for the interview.


Youth Congress

By Magdalena Trifajova

                From September 19th to October 1st the congress of (not only) Protestant youth took place in the town of Havlíčkův Brod.  Not only Protestant because there were many people present who did not belong to the Protestant Church, for example me. This was the annual congress which takes place every year in a different town in the Czech Republic. There were three days of lectures, discussions, films, concerts, meeting old friends, and meeting new friends. The number of participants was about one thousand.

                During the program breaks many Protestants were rambling through the town of Havlíčkův Brod. It was a sunny day, so they were buying ice cream and sitting on the main square. „The ice cream is delicious, better than in Italy“ was heard in the streets of Havlíčkův Brod.

                Those who wished so could buy small color vouchers for meals and when there was time to eat everyone hurried to be the first in a long queue for a meal. The food was good but you could hear occasionally: „I have found a red voucher, I will have two lunches today!“ or „Oh no I won´t have a meal today, my voucher is lost“.

                The program was great: many good lectures, a film called Motorcycle Diaries and two concerts, Noční optika and Sergent peppere. When the program was over, people would walk from pub to pub meeting friends everywhere. At two o’clock in the morning at latest, the participants went in one of the three schools where they were accommodated.


By Malvina Voclova

                If I ask somebody, what does autumn means for him or her, many people will answer, that they do not like this season. Only few individuals will say that they like it.

                In autumn, wherever we look, we can see trees with leaves, which are changing their color from green to yellow and red… Nature looks happier in this time because of the colors. People are looking forward to Christmas and snow.

                On the other side, weather becomes worse. There are a lot of rains in this part of year. Nights are colder (sometimes temperature goes under freezing point) and so do the days. Everybody has to wear warmer clothes and cannot be outside for a long time.

                Many people think that autumn is pessimistic and depressive because when we look out of window, we can usually see grey sky and e.g. that town is full of smog…

                In the end I would like to say that autumn is a very diverse season and not everybody like it.




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