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My old friend


My friend‘s name is Eva Petrášková. She is thirteen and lives in Písek. I met her when I was six. I was in our cottage and one day we went to her grandma, she had a small puppy. Eva was there and we chatted. She likes animals, especially dogs and cats. She is a scout, likes dancing, singing and playing the piano. We are great friends.




My oldest friend


My oldest friend is called Eda. We met five years ago in a school and we became friends very soon. We were together nearly every day until last year. Last year our ways separated, when I went to PORG, but Eda did not, and he stayed in the same school. Because of that we do not meet very often, but we still send e-mails, messages, and we call to each other. We are still friends.




My oldest friend

My oldest friend is Vojta. His nickaname is Ksicht. We met six years ago, but our friendship started five years ago. We became friends in the second class, when my then friend was in the mouintains, and I didn’t have any other friends in our class. One morning, when I came to school and I sat alone, he took seat next to me. I was very happy. There were exams for the study on the secondary school in the fifth class. I went to PORG, but he didn’t. He went to another secondary school. Now we communicate by Icq and we can meet at the piano lessons.




My oldest friend

My oldest friend is called Pavel. We met six years ago, when I was six and he was seven. It was my first day at school so I was very nervous, but Pavel wasn´t nervous, he helped me to find our class and we became friends. We were best friends until I left school and he stayed in it. After that I never saw him again, but we still chat on the Internet.






My oldest friend’s name is Karolina. First we met twelve years ago when I was 2 months old and she was about one year, because our mothers were and are friends. She, her older sister, her younger brother, and her parents live in the “Vysočina” region, so we can´t see each other  very often.

After some time her father divorced her mother. They moved to Žirovnice and now they live in Cerekev. Karolina is thirteen and she is in the seventh class at grammar school. She likes to read, she likes horses and she likes drawing. We have very similar interests.





My oldest friend is Nidhi. I met her, when we were 5, it was six years ago.  We met in the kindergarten. I hadn´t got friends there, because I couldn’t speak English. But she gave me some food for lunch and I went home with her. She lived near me, so I went home every day with her. I learned  to speak English, and she learned to speak Czech.

            I don’t know anything about her now.



My oldest fried

My oldest friend is called Anežka, she is also my best friend. We met eight years ago in a kindergarten but we did´t like it there. I made friends with her when we were about seven years old. We didn´t go to the same school but we lived only five hundred meters apart so we often saw each other. We became friends when we were at school and we went to the same school. And now we see each other every week.




My oldest friend

My oldest friend is Magda. We met 5 years ago. It was in the first year at school. We were together every day at school and after school we were together two times a week. When we went to secondary school I went to PORG and she went to secondary school “Nad Štolou”. Now we meet once a month but sometimes also more. When we meet we go to the cinema or we stay in her flat and we play board games.




My oldest friend

My oldest friend is called Eliška Micková. We met eight years ago when we were both three years old. It was my first month in the kindergarten. We played every day and we gradually became friends. We were together nearly every day. Then we went to school and then two years later I left the school but she didn’t.

    I went to a private school but she stayed in our old school. I studied for three years and then I went to PORG. After that she went to another school. Now we can't meet very often.




My oldest friend

My oldest friend is called Honza Hladik. We met eight years ago when I was five and he was six. It was in the kindergarten. We were friends. We were friends at school, too. We met nearly every day until we left school five years later. Then I went to PORG but Honza didn’t. He went to “Gymnazium Christiana Dopplera”. I had a lot of new friends, so I didn’t see Honza very often. We see each other every Wednesday in a hobby group.




My oldest friend


My oldest friend is called Filip. First time we met eight years ago at a garden party, when I was five and he was four. Our parents are good friends too. They met many years ago, before I was born.

Later, Filip and I went to the same class at school. We did weekend bike trips, ski trips, rafting together and we went for Christmas walks together with our parents. Now, we go to different schools, but we meet for floorball team training session every Friday. Filip started to play floorball one year earlier than me.

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My oldest friend


            My oldest friend is called Ondřej. We met seven years ago. I was four years old. It was my first day in the kindergarden. I was very unhappy because I wanted my mum. We started playing with toys together and we became friends immediately. We went to the same school so we met every day. Then I went to Prague school three years later so I didn´t see Odřej until I went to a camp. He was there too!

            Then I went to PORG school. Nowadays I´m there. I haven't seen Ondřej for two years but now I have some new friends.