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December 2008     January 2009

Art and culture

Art and Culture are profoundly supported at Porg. We have enough chances to visit the theatre, in kvinta or sexta we listen to concerts of classical music in Rudolfinum, during some art lessons we have already seen a few art exhibitions, etc.

It is not only to see the art and the culture, what Porg makes us do, it is also creating it. One of places for this purpose is the basement with students´ gallery “GAUČ”, where we can present our own exhibitions begun with the vernissage. One of the people, who has availed himself of this opportunity, was Honza Bohuslav from kvinta. He prepared the exposure where we can see Porg students in photos taken by Honza. It includes vernissage, of course, at which we could hear extracts of literature from some kvinta writers.

Nora Behová


Once more, I am back with news from kvinta. New toxic disaster is ravaging our beautiful class. Everyone knows that kvinta was never one of those clean classes, but now it is worse than ever. Thousands of kilos of garbage defiles this once pride room. Furthermore, diseases launched their attack on poor citizens of kvinta. Even those once extinguished, like Black Death or leprosy. And little servants of plague – rats, are everywhere in this filthy lair of death. And for this, a political party known as “You know who”is responsible. They made a deal with the Russian government. Russia can deposit all waste of all kind in kvinta. In return Russia sent twenty ships full of old weapons and rust covered tanks to “You know who”. In addition, Russia will support any revolution in kvinta.

Pavel Fojtik


Bad news, everyone!

“Alta trinita beata” alias FMP has cancelled baby Jesus! Ok, they didn’t really kill him, but they disallowed him to give presents. It is in their ruling n. [CENSORED].

They say that if anyone wishes anything for Christmas, they will arrest him. And even worse – as they proclaim – if baby Jesus (or Santa, they really don’t care which one of them) gives a present to anyone EXCEPT THEM, FMPstapo (their secret police) will arrest him, he will be judged by a bribed tribunal and… only God knows, what will happen to him. But I am pretty sure that it won’t be anything nice.

So, we must stop them – they mustn’t become a real political party. It would be a disaster!!!


Zuzana Voráčková


Famous People

From time to time we have a lecture at school. It’s usually on history but last year also a few writers (for example Jáchym Topol) visited our school. He was so nervous that he spoke about bears in Slovakia. Last lecture was about conflicts in Balkans. Jan Pelikán visited our school, who is a historian and who specializes in the Balkan conflict. He also wrote lots of books about it. The first lecture I remember was with Mr. Burian and he talked about his journey to Iceland. I was in prima or sekunda. It was for the whole school. Everybody could be there because it took place in our gym at PORG. But I don’t remember anything else. Now it’s normally only for students from kvinta to oktáva. A lot of famous people are visiting PORG because our school is well known, so everybody wants to visit us.       

Anna Krajčová


The highest chancellor of PORGovia has told the press about changes in our (PORGovian) constitution. He also told us why they did it without informing general public. His formulation was that we mustn’t allow chaos to endanger our unity and because knowledge means doubts and doubts mean distrust he couldn’t expose our community to such a danger as information about his activities could be.

The most important addition to our constitution is about directorial position of PFFP (Party for free PORGovia) and about his new competences.

The funniest circumstance of this change is that he is a member of PFFP.

There are also some other changes as  forbiddance of any other political party or a forbiddance of any democratic press.

The most interesting change for common folk is that our old slogan was replaced by this new slogan:

     Strength through unity

                 Unity through obedience

Obedience through faith

                                          Faith through PORGovian government

Jiří Műnich



Social Affairs

Tomáš Polák picked up a Hollywood star

Actor Tomáš Polák is well known for his shocking behavior. He ran drunk and naked through the Prague’s center after the Kameňák 5 film premiere last year. But Porg News Yellow has even more shocking news. Polák dates a famous American actress, Angelina Jolie!

They met on shooting of the new Tomb Raider 8 where Polák does the main male character and he immediately fell in love. Angelina’s new relationship with the Czech actor relatively unknown abroad has already attracted a lot of media attention worldwide. And what does she say about the big age difference between them? “Well. I am really, really happy now with Tomáš and I totally don’t care he is younger than me,” she said exclusively for PN Yellow.

We have the same opinion and we wish Tomáš that he would stay at least longer than Brad Pitt.

Václav Klíma


Look at him. He’s terrific!

Last week M. M. decided to beat all available records at sport scene of PORG. He wanted to be the best at all disciplines…

He started with swimming, one of his favorite and of course he won in the first try. Then he ran 1 500 meters but he was too fast so he vomited a little bit when he stopped running in his best time of course. But it wasn’t enough for him, he wanted more. He was chinning the whole night just to show that he was very powerful. He also bet records of much older students in long and high jumps.

Now we all know that M. M. is amazing but still he needs to show that he can do everything, for example jump from the third floor…

Anna Hermannová


Agony Aunt


(Wendy Hlaskova)

I´m a student from PORG and I have a huge problem. I don’t know if it is good to share, but I really need to talk about it. I don’t want to discuss it with my friends because I can guess what they would say. They would probably laugh at me and tell me something rude. But I really need help. Well, the thing is that I don’t want to have holidays, I mean generaly… AT ALL!!! I can´t leave school. I don’t want to go to mountains with my parents. I don’t want to stay at home. I just want to go to school as usual. I can’t imagine what to do without school. Please, help me, I’m afraid I’m school addicted.

My dear,
what a weird problem that is. I have never seen anything similar. Maybe you are school addicted but I don’t think this problem is as big as it seems to be. You just have to find an activity which you like and which you can do out of school. It is not hard. It can be also connected with school, you can read or study. Just make up your mind and you will feel better.
Good luck!!!

Business and economics

The most favourite business in PORG is our tearoom. Students from sexta run the tearoom by themselves. The tearoom is non-profit making and work there is voluntary. The electricity, water and so on are paid by the school and so the prices are not high. You can buy good tea for eight Czech crowns there. If you are hungry, you can get some biscuits, yoghurt or porridge.

            The economics of ČUVUN is interesting. There used to be a possibility of putting tea on account. But everybody did that and there was no money in the cash box. It had to be discontinued but there is still a deficit of about one thousand Czech crowns and that is really too much for poor students’ tearoom.

Monika Kavanová, sexta


Leisure Interests

 I don’t know if it is typical in other countries, but here, in the Czech Republic, people from age15 can go to school of ballroom dancing. Almost everyone from Quinta decided to learn it this year. We are going to dance school Vavruška, which is in Slovanský dům. Since autumn we have learned about 15 ballroom and Latin dances. For example Waltz, Rumba, Cha-cha-cha, Mambo, Jive or a typical Czech dance Polka. I really like lessons of dancing because girls wear nice dresses and boys suits, so everyone looks different and maybe also prettier.

From time to time we have some extra (or special) lessons. We had Latino lesson where we

learned especially Latin dances or yesterday we had a ball in Lucerna. It was really great but

I almost can’t walk now because of the dancing…

Veronika Marková




Annie Zeidlerová

Phenomenon of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites and one of the most visited internet sites all over the world. You can create your profile there, you can keep in touch with your friends, share your personal data with them, take quizzes and compare your results to the others, you can upload photos and videos and tag your friends in them, you can join some groups of the people with similar interests to yours, and even much more. The number of registered members has exceeded 130 millions.

Lots of Porgans and ex-Porgans have joined Facebook, and the numbers are still increasing. Facebook is becoming addictive: classmates are checking their profiles at the weekend through mobile phones, friends are using Facebook applications during the lesson, people are turning their computers on just to change their statuses. Is fun that Facebook provides valuable or is it just another way to waste the time?