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Porgovia C 03



Everybody knows that we have a little bit different and special school-leaving exams at PORG. But everything will be ruined soon. That is because our government had a great idea that it would be better to centralize all leaving exams. It will surely come next year. One of the reasons why it is happening is that it will be easy to compare all the results and say which high school is the best.

The exam will be divided into state part and school part. And it sucks because obviously PORG wants to be the best. That’s why PORG’s management proclaimed that we must choose the same subjects in the school part and in the state part. We will have choice between math and foreign language. Czech language is compulsory of course. Then we can choose also some voluntary subjects (as history, biology, physics…). I’m not looking forward to doing my school-leaving exams but I have no choice.

Anna Krajčová


Foreign Affairs

A few weeks ago some students from kvinta, sexta and septima took part in a one week tour to Germany or France that is held annually. All of us left the day after the graduation ball so we were tired a little bit, but the French students left in the afternoon and we had to catch the train in the morning and it was too uncomfortable to fall asleep. But it took only eight or nine hours.  The others travelled by bus and it was even thirteen hours longer. We all were staying with the families, the students in Hamburg and also the student in Brittany. And we all have seen a lot of cultural relics – for example Hamburg town hall or Paris with Eiffel Tower, and we shared all those wonderful experiences as soon as we came back to school.

Annie Zeidlerová




News in a PC world!

It’s not that long ago that Microsoft presented a brand new version of Windows. It’s called Windows 7 and it is something like a better version of Windows Vista. It should be the most popular operating system of Microsoft since Windows XP.

As a permanent user of XP, I was quite suspicious about Vista and I feel the same way about the new Windows 7 too. It looks like Mac OS and it works like Vista. I really don’t need such things as taskbar, Aero Peek and jumplist, which what  is Windows 7 offering. I am perfectly happy with my old Windows XP and if I wanted something like that, I’d rather install Mac OS or Ubuntu on my computer (even though I think that they’re worse than XP).

I am only worried that new programs won’t work on XP anymore,when Windows 7 arrives, and I am really thinking about installing Ubuntu on my computer, if that happens.

Zuzana Voráčková


Business & Economy


A new brilliant business at PORG!


You probably haven’t heard about it yet but there’s a new booming business starting at PORG. No one knows whose idea it exactly was but it’s very popular and useful now. It’s simple…

As you certainly know students from Kvarta and Kvinta classes are having big exams called “malé maturity” (small finals) these days. The students are always lazy to study weeks before, so finally, when they find out that the exams are coming soon they need to get all educational materials very fast. It happens quite often that they don’t have many notes from the last years and they really need them. So, then there are clever people from our school who took the chance and decided to sell their notes. And poor Kvarta and Kvinta students… They are so stressed so it’s possible to earn heaps of money from them.

It’s a good business, isn’t it? So, if you have some notes from previous years sell (or rent for money) them and become rich easily!

Anna Hermannová



Leisure interests - Hot tips


The spring is knocking on PORGovian doors. So let´s go out! We can recommend a few cool activities to help you find some new ideas how to spend your free time.

Firstly, you must try in-line skating. It is a young looking sport, which supports your condition in a healthy way. You can feel the freedom of nature in the PORGovian park and have a good time with your friends or boy/girlfriends. Secondly, there is a possibility of having a picnic with your family and friends. (In case of meeting a lot of people, you can connect a picnic with a barbecue. Be sure you will have fun!) Last but not least, horse riding. If you have a chance, try to ride a horse. It´s a very good experience which is fun.

On the other hand, the spring days tend to be rainy and cloudy, so you have to find an alternative option. If the weather is gloomy, here comes the best time for reading poems. This kind of weather goes together with romantic poets like Mácha. Not only will you like it, you will also feel literate and make an impression.

So we wish you a nice spring time. Try to enjoy it, it´s all up to you after all. J

Wendy Hlásková





We still remember the March journey to France and the students coming back very satisfied and happy, especially because of the unforgettable stay in the wonderful city called Paris. We have new information about the real reason that made this stay unforgettable indeed!

Our students were kidnapped!! During the first evening, while seeing Montmarter and walking around Moulin Rouge. None of them, including both professors, got back to the bus at the time they were supposed to. They didn´t appear the whole night after. French police, Czech police and the Porg director were informed immediately (by two bus drivers). According to their announcement, our students with two professors were rescued the same night, when the police tracked down the kidnappers and persuaded them to let our students go. After all, the fact came out that the criminals mistook the Czech Republic for China and wanted to kidnap a group of very important young Chinese scientist.

Nora Behová


Famous people


All PORG students now have a great opportunity to became famous. Every student  can join the PORG’s TV team. Or if they do not want to become a member of them they could just make a short film give it to sexta students and it would soon be posted on the Internet.

         The easist way to become famous is to help us in making “Malmonix”. Malmonet is the most famous figure of PORG TV these days. You can simply offer some leading part (all the parts are the leading parts) or you can express your own ideas about any universe monster you have. Every idea is acceptable. And thanks to high-technology we can realise what you can just imagine!

So see you soon at the start of your road to fame.

Monika Kavanová, sexta




Eight students had NN from swimming lessons on their school reports?

At the end of March we got our second school report, but what happened? Eight students weren’t graded from physical training.  Maybe you are asking how it is possible. The reason is not that they are lazy (maybe they are but it’s not so important now), but this year they are having swimming lessons which brings many disadvantages for example illness (caused by cold water and winter outside). I think that this was why these eight students didn’t attend swimming lessons properly so now they shouldn’t miss any of them or they would have a big problem.

Veronika Marková